AMAA works with a range of providers who assist our audit team and AMAA members in the provision of data to deliver efficient and cost effective audit services. Below is a list of accredited organisations we work with. 


Realview works with AMAA to implement the ePublication measurement tag.

Realview helps publishers re-purpose and distribute printed material to digital devices, allowing publishers to focus on creating content without worrying about how to get it into the hands of their audience.

Established in 1999, 2016 sees the launch of Partica, a brand new platform built with the knowledge of the past, using todays technology with the future of publishing in mind. Partica is publishing re-imagined, re-invented and re-distributed, with clear revenue opportunities and brand new business models for publishers.

From a magazine or newspaper print PDF, Realview breaks down the content into articles and produces a digital replica, reflowable HTML5 desktop viewer, mobile optimised web app, iOS and Android native apps for smartphone and tablet, and facilitates seamless syndication of content via a RSS feed, WordPress plugin, email or an API.

Partica. Content marketing for publishers.