Trust = Money

Our Media Trust Study 2016 showed that auditing of print circulation almost doubles the brand trust factor raising it from 4 up to 7 out of 10 on the trust scale.

Our most recent industry survey, to be released shortly, shows that with regard to ad trading, 87% agree that Trust = Money.

So, a high trust level in a brand or title is a driver of ad revenue.

The AMAA audit cost is a very small investment for the trust and assurance the verified data provides clients and agencies.

Over recent weeks the AMAA have engaged with media agencies and major clients to gather feedback on the departure of the large magazine publishers from the ABC circulation audit.

The response has been resoundingly unified in that it is seen as a backwards step for print and would impact how they evaluate the print channel. There was concern for the demise of the print channel, and some indicated it will jeopardise revenue into the channel.

Overall it is generally being viewed as a sharp departure from the commitment the publishing industry has always had towards transparency and accountability.

Paid audited circulation is simply a measure of the primary purchaser, who is in fact the primary reader. It works in tandem with overall print audience, which includes the primary and the pass-on readership.

Print is a channel valued for its connection with the reader, it connects ‘one to one’ as distinct to the ‘one to many’ delivery of other channels like radio, TV and digital. The engaged primary reader has long been the key strength of the print channel.

In terms of evaluation of the channel, it is not an either-or equation, both circulation and audience are key metrics for evaluating the print channel.

By Josanne Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, AMAA

Date: 16 Feb 2017

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