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Web Metrics

Average Daily Unique Browsers (Ave Daily UB):
The average of the Unique Browsers per day in the reporting month.

Page Impressions (PI):

The total number of web pages served within the selected reporting period.

Total Sessions:

The total number of times UBs return to a site, having left for more than 30 minutes, during the reporting period. 

Total Time on site (TT 000's secs):

The total amount of time, reported in thousands of seconds, of all UBs spent on site in the reporting period. 

Unique Browser Frequency (UB Frequency):

The frequency metric represents the average number of times a Unique Browser returns to a site during the reporting period. This is calculated by dividing the number of Total Sessions by total UBs.

Average Page Duration (APD) in seconds:

The average time pages were viewed on the browser screen for a selected period. This metric is calculated by dividing the Total Time by the number of Page Impressions. 

Average User Session Duration (ASD) in seconds:

A User Session reflects a period of user activity on a website, provided there is not more than 30 minutes inactivity between consecutive events for the same user. This metric shows the average length of a User Session. This is calculated by dividing Total Time by Total Sessions.