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Welcome to the ABC Advantage Area

As an Advantage subscriber you can access ABC's historical data stretching back to 1937 as well as ABC's unique trend reporting tool.

To access historical data simply choose one of the four search and reporting options below.

To access the most recent trend reports go to the Trend Reporting page where you can download preset reports or build your own tailored reports and graphs. Keep checking back here for future developments.

 ABC History 

View and download ABC's historical data from 1938 onwards using history eData.


 ABC Trend Reporting

Create Trend Reports from the most recent period back to September 2006.


















Free Training Sessions Available

If you are an advertiser or agency member contact Heather Craven to arrange your free tailored training session on how to maximise your advertising budget safe,



Free AdLift Campaign Available for Advantage Subscribers

As an Advantage Subscribe the ABC will promote your audited status to your advertiser clients through a tailored email or letter campaign for up to 250 clients for free. See how Universal Magazines increased their advertising revenue by taking advantage of ABC's AdLift. Read the Case Study.
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