Welcome to the AMAA's Web Audit Compliance Widget

In order for AMAA website publisher members to retain their audited status, the website figures that are reported must be compliant with the AMAA's Digital Publicity Standards. To help you easily report your latest audited website measurement figures, we have created a reporting widget that you can place on your website.

This widget will automatically display your most recent audited figures, ensuring that you are always compliant with the AMAA's Digital Publicity Standards. In addition to automatically keeping your figures up to date, the AMAA's widget verifies to media buyers that your site is safe to advertise on.

To add this to your site, simply copy the code from the "Get Code" window below. You will then be able paste this onto the advertising pages of your site.

If you have any queries about embedding the widget on your site please contact us on 02 9954 9800 or email: webaudit@auditedmedia.org.au


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