ePublication audits

Protect advertising spend  |  Increase brand trust

An ePublication audit is a commitment to verify the distribution figures of your digital magazine or newspaper and develop a relationship with your clients based on trust.

AMAA provide real, actual data about your publication, available to advertisers and media buyers nationally.

A committment to digital verfication differentiates your brand and product, giving you a competitive advantage and added credibility when selling advertising. 

You will also gain access to cross-industry benchmarks established by AMAA.

Print + digital publishers can combine this data for a total average distribution figure.

How does it work? 

How does epublication auditing work

What information is verified

  • Average total distribution per issue
  • Unique digital distribution per issue
  • Combined print and digital distribution per issue
  • Digital format (replica or app)
  • Type of device ePublication was viewed on
  • Geographic spread

Register now

Joining the AMAA, you will participate with industry peers in setting new standards, become an advocate of audited data and accountability, increase your brand's credibility and gain access to the AMAA's member resources. 

The annual cost for the audit service is $400 + $495 for membership (ex GST).