ABC Reporing Screens Updated


ABC Reporting Screens Updated

The AMAA’s ABC data display screens have changed with the June 2016 data release. ABC’s primary sales metrics for Average Net Paid Print Sales and Average Net Paid Digital Sales do not change. However the way they come together has been updated - with the reporting of ABC Total Sales, a simpler, easier to understand metric that replaces Total Masthead Sales. Instead of 6 metrics to understand paid sales, there are now 3 – print sales, digital sales and total sales. So when you visit the AMAA Members Area you will now see the new option for ABC Total Sales. Every ABC audited publication is displayed in this screen.

The new reporting does not create a trend break or change in the ABC reporting as it utilises ABC’s existing reported metrics of Average Net Paid Print Sales and Average Net Paid Digital Sales combined to create ABC Total Sales.

Other Updates

At the same time we have updated the definitions describing Digital Sales formats to more accurately reflect the evolution of digital products – from Replica and Enhanced to Digital Magazine and Digital Newspaper and Newspaper App and Paid Website Version to Website Subscriptions.

See our FAQ’s for more information about the changes

Date: 18 Aug 2016

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