Website measurement service

The AMAA Audited Website Measurement Service provides independently verified website measurement to the Australian media industry.

AMAA website measurement


How it works

How does website measurement work?


What information is verified?

Once the website has passed the initial audit, it is listed in AMAA’s eData portal displaying the following audited metrics on a monthly basis:

  • Average Daily Unique Browsers

  • Page Impressions

  • Total Sessions

  • Total Time on Site

  • Average Number of Visits

  • Average Page Duration

  • Average Session Duration

Further audits are conducted by the AMAA on an ongoing basis including site scanning and data monitoring, with manual audits occurring at least twice per year.



Web audit fees start at just $110 per month for sites up to 1M Page Impressions per month + an annual membership fee of $187 (ex GST)