AIMCO is an alliance of Australian companies engaged in influencer marketing working together to elevate best practice in order to address industry trust and transparency issues. It’s aim is in fostering a united voice of industry professionals to provide guidance, knowledge and inspiration to this growing marketing sector.

AIMCO’s Guiding Council, formed from its founding members, is the guiding arm of the body and has overseen the development of an Influencer Marketing Code Of Practice to be implemented across the industry. AIMCO has been formed by the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) who works with the members to develop best practice codes and other industry initiatives.

To learn more or to get on board to improve the industry for all please contact AMAA or talk to Heather Craven on +61 400 604 820.

Facilitated by the AMAA

AMAA established AIMCO (Australian Influencer Marketing Council) as a new industry council to support the Australian influencer marketing community in order to drive best practice within their sector of the marketing industry. The AMAA has a history of supporting the media industry by facilitating industry consultation, developing self-regulatory frameworks, industry standards and compliance processes across buy and sell sides over the last 80 years.

AIMCO operates as a brand under the umbrella of the Audited Media Association of Australia, a not-for-profit industry association, which is registered with ASIC as a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’.

What is the Code of Practice?

More than 50 companies engaged in influencer marketing have contributed to the development of the Code of Practice which launches July 1 2020 to provide guidance to any business engaging in influencer marketing:
• Transparency regarding influencer vetting practices
• Brand safety considerations
• Advertising disclosure requirements under Australian Consumer Law
• Ensuring appropriate briefs and contracts
• Importance of including content rights/IP within contracts
• Metrics and reporting transparency

 Download the Code of Practice here

Who does the Code apply to?

The AIMCO Code of Practice is relevant for anyone working in the Australian influencer marketing sector including:
- talent representatives and managers;
- industry marketplaces that provide platforms that promote influencers;
- media and PR agencies;
- advertisers engaging industry participants for influencer marketing; and
- platforms and all other providers of service to the influencer marketing community.

The intention of the Code is to provide best practice guidance to the industry, introduce greater consistency around language and behaviours and guide advertisers and marketers on best practice when engaging in influencer marketing.

Q: How does the Code relate to Marketers?

The Code of Practice is designed to support marketers by providing guidance that will enable them to ensure greater transparency over pertinent areas when transacting with influencers for content creation and social media campaigns. It is a resource that will assist to guide marketers in the contracting, engagement and management of influencer marketing campaigns.

The aim is to support all within the influencer marketing ecosystem to have the knowledge and tools to ensure the delivery of high quality and effective influencer marketing. It covers all the key areas to consider including contracting of talent and the advertising disclosure required under Australian Consumer Law.

AIMCO Members

AIMCO’s Members in alphabetical order are:

Allegiant Media/Tagger Media
Apex Sports Marketing
CHE Proximity
Day Management
Hello Social
Hyland Division - Havas Media
Influence Marketing Australia
OMD Create
PHD Media
Publicis Media
Reprise Digital
Social Law Co
Social Soup
• The Influencer Agency

The Lime Agency
The Lifestyle Suite
Totally Awesome
• Von Muenster Legal

We Are Social
WOM Network