Email newsletter audit

AMAA Orange TickThe AMAA Email Newsletter Audit provides an independently audited summary of the distrubution of an email newsletter.

The service combines industry agreed metrics and a rigorous audit framework to provide accuracy and trust for
publishers delivering email newsletters.  

Audited email newsletters receive the AMAA Orange Tick to use on their newsletter, media kits and promotional materials.

Advertisers and Agency Members have access to the AMAA’s reporting systems to assist with their planning and placement of advertising on audited email newsletters.


How does it work?

  1. Email publishers register and nominate the first audit period. The number of issues to be audited is defined by the publishing frequency as per the audit framework below
  2. The email publisher provides access to data (e.g. MailChip, Campaign Monitor) to enable verification of the claim
  3. The AMAA Audit team work with the publisher to complete the audit
  4. The Audit Certificate is issued
  5. Follow-up audits take place every 6-months, but can be conducted quarterly.


What information is verified?

The audit reports the Average Net Delivery per Issue for the audited email newsletter less excluded distribution, with the report detailing the audit period, publisher information, number of issues audited, number of issues published in 12 months.

For publishers auditing more than one channel (print, email, web or event), the information is compiled in a Multi-Platform Report at no charge (valued at $200).

Publishers may also choose to audit the Average Open Rate and Average Click-Through Rate as well as demographic data such as Job Title Analysis and Industry Category where relevant.


Audit framework

The audit examines data on an issue by issue basis less excluded distribution from server log files and where practical access to email delivery platforms, evidence of returned/invalid addresses and opt-in evidence.

Excluded distribution includes returned, opt-out or unsolicited distribution, spam and back-issue delivery.

The number of issues to be audited for an email newsletter depend on the publishing frequency as defined here:

  • Monthly or fortnightly frequency: 3 issues
  • Weekly frequency: 6 issues
  • Daily frequency: 10 issues


Register now

Email newsletter audit fees start at $700 per year for two audits + an annual membership of $163 (ex GST)